Cindy Massey | Christian Community Positive Influence

Cindy-MasseyGrades 6-8 Teacher
St. Mary School, Algoma
Teacher for 18.5 years

When I first starting teaching at St. Mary School, I was concerned about my ability to be a worthy candidate for teaching religious education. I had been raised a devote Lutheran (ELCA Synod) and converted to Catholicism my senior year of college.

I married a Catholic man to whom church was important. We have attended church every weekend, and I even taught religious education at our parish when my own children were very young. This new role as a Catholic day-school teacher scared me. I didn't think I had a strong enough background in the Catholic teachings of the Church.

Grown into Role

With the fine instructional programs and classes, I have had the opportunity to take through the Diocese of Green Bay have helped me to develop my skills and knowledge in Catholic teachings. Thanks to supportive teachers, families, clergy, and especially students I have grown into this role of catechist, and I love it.

My life is influenced by the many positive things I have learned; especially personal prayer and overall trust in the Lord. I know from experience the positive influence a Christian community has made in my life, and I strive to bring that to my students/families each and every day. When my students remember me, I hope they will think of the smile on my face and the respect I showed them.