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Allouez-Cemetery-HistoryAllouez Catholic Cemetery opened in 1822 as Shantytown Cemetery and is among the oldest cemeteries in Green Bay and Wisconsin. Before that Catholics were buried at LaBaye Cemetery at the intersection of Washington and Adams streets in downtown Green Bay. As the then-Town of Astor grew in 1834-1835, the graves were moved to Allouez Cemetery. The former cemetery is now a fire station.

The first western-hemisphere church staffed by Redemptorist priests -- who arrived in Green Bay on August 31, 1832 -- was built at the cemetery. A marker designates the location.

Our 65-acre cemetery in the Village of Allouez includes a 60,000-square-foot mausoleum and Wall of Honor for military veterans and their spouses. Among the 32,000 interments/entombments are former Green Bay Packers Curly Lambeau, Tony Canadeo, and Dale Livingston, a Postmaster General, and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

Allouez Cemetery is open to persons of all beliefs.

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allouez-cemetery-wall-of-honorWall-of-Honor-Memorial-DayWall of Honor

Veterans with at least 2 years of active duty and their spouses can select a customized resting place appropriate to them in this breathtaking section of our grounds, which pays tribute to all men and women who have served in the U.S. Military during peace or conflict. This memorial boasts a flag from each war, a large American flag, and stunning military features.

Our annual Memorial Day Service has been conducted here annually since the Wall of Honor opened for Memorial Day in 1999 -- the first Veterans Wall of Honor in Northeastern Wisconsin.

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