Allouez Catholic Cemetery

Allouez Catholic Cemetery offers a variety of burial options

Allouez Catholic Cemetery and Chapel Mausoleum is able to respectfully accommodate your personal, familial, emotional, financial, and spiritual preferences. Traditional ground burial is offered along with indoor and outdoor mausoleum alternatives, and many styles of dignified cremation memorials. Our experienced Family Service Counselors will assist you in deciding which memorial best fits your needs and expectations.


We provide these basic options:


Grave-markersCemetery Burial

cemetery-gravesTraditional in-ground burial allows the utmost individual preference and memorial customization on our meticulously maintained grounds. Personalized memorials can be simple or elaborate, making ground burial both flexible and affordable for any budget. Graves are available in any number, from a single site to large, sectioned-off family estates that provide enough space for generations well into the future.

Mausoleum Entombment

Mausoleum entombment are increasingly popular. Our broad range of entombment styles, in three basic categories, are tailored to personal and family preference at a cost usually comparable with ground burial.

Mausoleum-entombmentIn addition to individual crypts, we offer three types of double crypts:

  • "true-companion" (two lengthwise entombments);
  • "side-by-side companion" (two entombments next to each other);
  • "abbey" (one entombment below floor level and one above it).

Prices vary by location and classification. For example: upper level crypts are less expensive than eye level ones.

indoor-mausoleumIndoor Chapel Mausoleums

Indoor chapel mausoleums offer various types of interior areas surrounding a dedicated functioning chapel that is used for committal services and communal Masses. These indoor facilities provide elegant, climate-controlled settings for year-round visitation and are highlighted by peaceful liturgical features.

outdoor-mausoleumsOutdoor Garden Mausoleums

Outdoor mausoleums offer a wide variety of remembrance options, such as a garden area, patio or courtyard. This type of entombment is ideal for those who prefer an above-ground accommodation but also want the openness of the outdoors. Unique landscaping and statuary features throughout these areas provide a tranquil setting and lasting impression for visiting loved-ones.

private-mausoleumsPrivate Mausoleums

Private mausoleums offer a unique opportunity to establish a personal and family-specific memorial in a prominent manner. Private mausoleums afford an outlet to express a family’s heritage and to ensure members of that family are forever close to one another.


Cremation Inurnment

The simplicity, dignity, and affordability of cremation makes it an increasing popular choice among U.S. Christians. We offer a wide variety of cremation niche spaces and memorialization options throughout our properties.


We offer several options for indoor and outdoor inurnment:

  • Indoor | Stained glass, marble, mosaic, glass and bronze niches
  • Outdoor | Cremation benches and rocks, cemetery cremation burial, and outdoor niches


Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Cremation

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Wall of Honor

cemetery-wall-of-honorVeterans with at least 2 years of active duty and their spouses can select a customized resting place appropriate to them in this breathtaking section of our grounds, which pays tribute to all men and women who have served in the U.S. Military during peace or conflict. This memorial boasts a flag from each war, a large American flag, and stunning military features. It is the site of our annual Memorial Day Service.

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