Jolene Koeppel | Helping Students See God Among Us

Jolene-Koeppel4th Grade Teacher/5th Grade Science Teacher
All Saints Catholic School, Antigo
Teacher for 2 years

FAITH. How can one simple word have so much power and influence in a person's life? I feel faith is how my life and all of its opportunities have come to be. Faith has brought me through hardship, helped me to conquer my fears, made me shine with happiness and has lead me to the teacher I am today.

Being raised as a Catholic and believing that faith will get you through it all, I truly enjoy teaching in the Green Bay Diocese at All Saints Catholic School in Antigo as a fourth grade instructor. As a teacher at All Saints, I'm very proud to say faith is a part of our everyday routine and is the basis of our school.

Children Need Support, Strength More Than Ever

I feel as children are growing up today, they need more support and strength than ever to prepare them for the difficult times they may experience in life. As a Catholic School, my students are not only educated, but supported by their families, teachers, peers, parish community and most importantly by God. Students receive academic instruction based on their needs and potential along with the faith-based guidance to help build character.

Within in my classroom, we make time to pray for people in need and to give thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ. We also participate in stewardship opportunities to help all God's children and to spread the Good News of the Lord. As we learn about our Catholic faith, I allow students to share their insights and thoughts about their religion and I too add personal experiences to help the students better understand our faith and to see God among us.

It is faith that allows us to succeed in our path of life, living as Christians. As an educator, I feel the best lesson I can teach my students is to keep the faith and know that God is always at your side, encouraging you to follow in his footsteps.