Anne Baruth | Privilege to Help Students Grow in Faith

Anne-BaruthArt Teacher
St. Francis Xavier Middle School, Appleton
Teacher since 1994

When I was a very little child, I dedicated myself to the Lord. However, during my teen years, I somehow lost that walk with the Savior. Church was still important, but my heart and life style were far from God and His ways. Thankfully, He got my attention.

When I was 17 doctors gave me two years to live! Four months later, Mayo Clinic said this was wrong; I didn't have the dreaded disease.

This experience left me with deep questions about life, meaning, and God. Searching hard for the answer, I eventually came back to Jesus Christ asking Him to come into my heart as Lord and Savior. Since that day, 35 years ago, Jesus Christ has been the center of my life! My faith has grown by staying close to Him in prayer, Bible study, church and fellowship -- in good times and "impossible" times ... in determining to do what He says.

God Never Fails

For example, my past three years have been filled with various trials on many life fronts. I know He never fails. Reading the Psalms, increasing my personal involvement in prayer meetings, church Bible studies and women's fellowships has been a tremendous life line. Scripture promises if we do not weary in well doing, in due season we shall reap if we faint not ... and we must forgive -- even as Christ for God's sake has forgiven us. When the troubles settle, by faith we trust His truth and grace will win out in life's diverse battles!

All these experiences help me encourage students and share my faith with them willingly and effectively. What a privilege to help students grow in faith!