Deacon Tony Abts | Amazed by Faith that Comes Forth

St. Francis Xavier Middle School, Appleton
Superintendent/Principal for 18 years

As Deacon at St. Therese Parish in Appleton, as Superintendent for the ACES Xavier Educational System and as Principal of St. Joseph Middle School (now St. Francis Xavier Middle School), I am blessed with many opportunities to share faith in big ways with a lot of people.

However, this year, I have been blessed by the faith shared with me by sixth and seventh graders in the lunchroom. I supervise the lunchroom for these two grades each day. As we pause from our eating and talking to pray, I am amazed by the faith that comes forth.

We pray for parents, grandparents, cousins and aunts having babies, tragedies in the world and in our own lives, and the joys of family, friendship and pets -- just to name a few. Oh what a joy it is to share our lives with our God who loves us abundantly!