Carol M. Waniger | Children Ask for Prayers and Believe

Food Service Manager
St. Mary/St. Michael School, Clarks Mills/Whitelaw
21 Years of Service

I am writing this testimonial from several different perspectives -- my mother-in-law who passed away 7 years ago at the age of 94 attended this school. My husband attended this school, my 3 children attended this school, and now my three grandchildren have attended this school, a set of twins who are now in 6th grade and a grandson who graduated last year. I went to St. Gregory's Catholic grade school and high school. I truly believe in Catholic Education.

An experience that I will share, although there have been many, but this one really touched my heart. Last November 2011 I was working in the kitchen and all of a sudden there was this young boy standing next to me looking very sad. I said what is wrong and he looked at me and said Mrs. Waniger would you please pray for my Grandma she is so sick and we think she is dying. I told him I certainly would and this year on Grandparents Day 2012, Grandma was here to eat with her grandchildren. The power of prayer WOW! What I think is wonderful is that these children are not afraid to ask for prayers and that they believe!