Graphic Standards

The Diocese of Green Bay Communications Department is excited to share our Graphic Standards Usage Guide. The goal of the graphic standards is to establish a clear, distinctive identity to help diocesan departments, parishes, and schools reflect our "oneness" in the work of the Church. These standards will ensure proper use of the diocesan logo and establish unified, consistent imaging across all internal and external communications.

The Diocese of Green Bay logo is the official diocesan signature. As such, the logo must appear on all diocesan visual materials including publications, stationery, advertising, and electronic media. The logo was designed to be used in its entirety: The type and crest graphic must always be used together. The usage guide includes this information: Logo colors, approved typefaces, logo size and spacing regulations, unacceptable logo usage, location of files, printing guidelines, digital file type differences, and more.

The usage guide is a large PDF file format (2MB). Please allow sufficient time for download. Thank you.

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All logo requests and inquiries about the graphic standards should be directed to:

Communications Department

Diocese of Green Bay

(920) 272-8213 or (920) 272-8209

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