Thank you for your interest in the Diocese of Green Bay! The Communications Department is the resource for all public inquiry associated with the ministry of the Church and the Diocese of Green Bay.

The Communications Department consists of:

Communications Director, Communications Coordinator, and Social Communications Director

The Compass newspaper

Information Technology


Our mission is to provide excellent customer service to the Diocese of Green Bay by providing exceptional content across a variety of media in response to the changing communication needs of the diocesan Curia, schools, parishes, and individuals.


  • To respond in a timely manner to all media and communication requests.
  • To support and enhance diocesan communication efforts through interdepartmental collaboration.
  • To provide a positive, Catholic presence on the Web and within popular social networks.
  • To develop new communication resources as we are called upon to do so.

How We Can Help You

The Communications Department can help you with the following services:

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