ProCLAYM's (Professional Catechetical Leaders and Youth Ministers) mission is to promote and support professional growth among our members. With the help of Jesus Christ they continue the catechetical mission of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Green Bay.

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2014-2015 ProCLAYM Executive Board

 Mary Carter  President  
 Betty Manion  Past President  
 Cheryl Stinski  Vice-President  
 Mike Lotto  Treasurer  
 Amy Koehler  Secretary  
 Kathy Cornette  WDREF Rep  
 Theresa Lambrect  WDREF Rep  
 Theresa Lefrve  WDREF Rep  
 Pam Fischer  NCCL Rep  
 Bailey Hansen  North Rep  
 Judy Brown  North Rep  
 Sarah Derouin  East Rep  
 Char Kilsdonk  East Rep  
 Sally Michalkiewicz  West Rep  
 Andy Krueger  West Rep  
 Cheryl Stinski  West Rep  
 Pam Fisher  NCCL Rep