Emily Hermus | Excited to Share Faith with My Students

Emily-Hermus First Grade Teacher
St. Edward School, Mackville
Teacher for 3 years

Many people know that the best way to learn something is to teach it. I have found that to be very true, especially when learning about my faith.

I have been involved in Catholic schools all my life -- I attended Catholic school from pre-school through college, and now teach at a Catholic school -- and find that through teaching my students about the Catholic faith, I have learned much about the Catholic faith.

I grew up in the Catholic schools in Appleton. I started at St. Bernadette, went on to St. Joseph Middle School and Xavier High School, and ultimately went to college at St. Norbert College. I've always been proud of the fact that I'm a product of Catholic school, and as long as I can remember, I knew that I wanted to teach in a Catholic school.

Able to Share My Faith with Students

Now that I am teaching at St. Edward in Mackville, I am able to share my own faith with my students, and I know that I am blessed to do so. I now seek out information about my faith of my own accord. Sometimes it's to share with my students, sometimes it's to understand the Mass better so I can direct my choir accordingly, and sometimes it's because of my own curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Now, as I prepare to get married and move to a different city, my knowledge of and confidence in my faith help me with these big changes in my life. My knowledge and confidence also give me the strength to talk about faith with my fiancé, and together we are growing our faith even more.

I am excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead for me, and am excited to share my faith with more students in the future! I want to thank my teachers at all levels for giving me the foundation of my faith that has allowed me to grow into who I am today.