Jim Clark | Living Proof That God Works in Mysterious Ways

St. Francis Assisi Middle School, Manitowoc
Teacher/Administrator for 38 years

I had the good fortune in going to Catholic Schools most of my life. When I was 14 years old, my parents asked me what school I wanted to go to. In my hometown of Beloit we had two High Schools, Beloit Memorial High School and Beloit Catholic High School.

I decided that I wanted to go to Beloit Catholic High School. My parents seemed real pleased and I spent four very exciting years at Beloit Catholic. It was there I decided to become a teacher.

My teachers were great role models, and my love of all aspects of Social Studies was reinforced by my Social Studies teachers. My favorite teacher was a priest named Fr. Joseph de Stefano. "Fr. D" as we called him, was a very direct teacher who had no favorites. His favorite line was "you have a right to your opinion even if it is wrong."

Privileged to Teach, Administer in Catholic Schools

I have had the privilege of teaching or administrating in Catholic Schools the past 38 years. It is because of my parents and teachers at B.C.H. that made it possible for me to form my Catholic Christian faith and have the privilege of sharing it my students, parents, and teachers each and every day.

When my mom was dying of cancer, I asked her about my choice of high school. I asked her if I decided to go to Beloit Memorial would I go there. My mom told me that I never had a say in the decision, even though I thought I did. Even on her death bed my mom knew how much she and my dad sacrificed for me to go to Beloit Catholic High School. I hope those of you who send your child to Catholic Schools thank God each day for the wonderful formation they receive. I am living proof that "God Does Work In Mysterious Ways."