Emmaus Program Diaconate Academic Formation

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Fall 2017 Semester

  Fall Bench

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Syllabi include:

Course Description Required/Recomended Texts
Course Objectives Online Resources and Selected Bibliography
Course Requirements/Assessments Handicapping Condition          
Course Format and Assessment Rationale Cheating/Plagiarism and Incomplete Work



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THL 131-062 Integrative Spirituality Saturdays
THL 136-062 Liturgy and Prayer Part I Saturdays
THL 166-062 Pastoral Leadership Saturdays
THL 210-062 Ecclesiology Saturdays
   Ecclesiology - Jumbo Doc  
THL 264-060 Ministry of Leading Prayer Fridays/Saturdays          
   MLP Material Invoice & Pastoral Approval Form  
THL 311-061 Sacramental Theology Mondays
  Sacramental Theology - Jumbo Doc  
  Sacramental Theology - Schedule  
THL 337-062 Liturgical Rites for Deacons Saturdays
THL 468-062 Canon Law Saturdays