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The Department of New Evangelization is dedicated to helping parishes successfully implement Alpha and create the best possible experience in the discipleship process for leaders and parishioners. The goal of Alpha is not to add another "program" to parish life but to shift our focus from programs to people and a discipleship-oriented process.

Alpha is be a key part of this process. In fact, Alpha is one way that people can discover Jesus so they can enter more fully into the journey of following, worshiping and sharing Jesus.


This Alpha website page seeks to equip leaders of the Diocese of Green Bay with Alpha resources and information to confidently lead people to Jesus Christ at their parish.

Alpha for Leaders

Alpha small group leaders who have been chosen by the pastoral leadership are welcome to attend any one of the Alpha trainings being offered by the Diocese of Green Bay from November of 2017 to January of 2018. Alpha trainings will instruct parish leaders on how Alpha fits into the discipleship and why it works. With this, participants will be introduced to Alpha principles, session structure, small-group dynamics, shared prayer, promotional tips and more.


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FAQs & Answers on the Alpha Process

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Article - After the Eleventh Session

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Article - From Big Leaps to Building Bridges

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Article - Promotional Messaging 

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FAQ's & Answers on Alpha for Teachers

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FAQ's & Answers on Catholicity of Alpha

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Alpha Youth Series: Guidance for Parishes

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Alpha Training Schedule Flyer

Updated April 23, 2018

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Alpha Training Schedule

Updated October 15, 2018

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Alpha Survey

Greetings friends in Christ!

For parish leaders in the Diocese of Green Bay who have completed the Alpha course with your parish leadership team, we would greatly appreciate your feedback about your Alpha experience! For parish leaders who have not completed the Alpha course with your parish team, we ask that you complete the survey after completing the eleventh and last session of Alpha.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. We value your comments. Please know that we will take your insights into consideration as we move forward!

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Video Resources

If you wish to access the Alpha Film Series (English), Alpha Film Series (Spanish) or Alpha Youth Series (English) without the logo, send your email address to Joe Tremblay with the subject heading:

  • "Add me to your Alpha Team- Alpha Film Series (English)” or
  • "Add me to your Alpha Team- Alpha Film Series (Spanish)” or
  • “Alpha Youth Series (English)”

We will add your email address to the Alpha team roster. You will then receive an email from the Alpha website with a link to the videos of your choice. Please note that Alpha recently revised four episodes -- for example video #8 and #15.
Downloading Service: Because some parishes may find it difficult to access the Alpha videos online, you do have the option of sending a 16GB flash drive with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Office of Parish Evangelization. Allow for 2-3 weeks for the abovementioned Alpha videos to be downloaded and then mailed back to the sender. 

Keep in mind that all downloads from the Office of Parish Evangelization will include the original Alpha Film Series (English) version without the recent modifications on videos 8 and 15.  As for the Alpha Film Series (Spanish) and Alpha Youth Series (English), the most recent videos are available for downloading.

For more information or answers to questions: Joe Tremblay |  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  | (920) 272-8313

Addtional Resources

Alpha Small Group Leader Booklet

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Alpha in the Workplace Toolkit

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Alpha with Catholic Content

Sample of Alpha Day Away

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A Prayer For Alpha Participants

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Alpha Training Slides Presentation

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2018 Companion Slides to Alpha Training

Foundations for Fruitful Alpha Courses
and Discipleship Processes

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Alpha USA Store

Alpha USA Store

Spanish Resources

Alpha Guia del Equipo

Alpha Guia del Invitado

Why Jesus En Espanol

Alpha Training Schedule

For Parish Leaders and Catholic School Personnel