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Catholic-Biblical-Association-of-America-logoEvaluating Bible Study Programs

The Catholic Biblical Association of America has published a three-page document summarizing in large strokes the work of the ad-hoc committee examining Bible study materials available for parishes. They list 10 principles as offering the most objective and useful criteria to use when judging the "Catholic" quality of Bible study programs.
CLICK HERE for the Catholic Biblical Association report

Biblical-Walk-Through-MassA Biblical Walk Through the Mass

Dr. Ted Sri explores the biblical roots of the words and gestures used at Mass and their profound significance
What: Five 30-minute presentations on video DVD
Includes: Leader's guide and student workbook for each participant
Information: Ascension Press

Guide-to-New-Translation-MassA Guide to the New Translation of the Mass

Shows the new Mass responses and answers to questions about the reasons for the changes and the effect they will have
What: Low-cost, question-and-answer booklet on upcoming liturgical changes
Includes: Tear-out card showing the old and new prayers and the laity’s responses for use at Mass
Information: Ascension Press

Great-AdventureThe Great Adventure

Catholic Bible learning system that makes the complex simple
What: DVD series presents "big picture," grand overarching narrative of salvation history
Includes: Foundational studies include "A Quick Journey Through the Bible" (8 weeks), "The Bible Timeline" (24 weeks), "Matthew" (24 weeks), and "Acts of the Apostles" (20 weeks). Ongoing studies (10 weeks each) include: "Revelation," "Exodus," "First Corinthians," "James," and "Psalms"
Other: Several teen Bible studies are available.
Information: Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study

Catholic-Scripture-Study-InternationalCatholic Scripture Study International

Bible studies for groups in parishes or home use
What: 25-28-week Bible studies with and without DVD presentations by Catholic priests
Includes: Program manual, DVD lectures, and online resources. Topics: 1 & 2 Corinthians, Romans, Genesis, Exodus, Acts of the Apostles, Matthew, John (also in Spanish), Revelation
Also: Several short studies on "Vatican II," "Ephesians," "Will Catholics Be Left Behind?," "Jesus' Passion and Redemptive Suffering," "Amos," "Humanae Vitae," and "Preparing for Christ"
Information: Catholic Scripture Study International

Little-Rock-Scripture-StudyLittle Rock Scripture Study

Intended to help user understand the Bible's books and passages while reading them
What: Four-to-15-session Bible studies incorporate
Includes: Daily personal study, prayer, small-group sharing, and a wrap-up lecture in both audio CD and video DVD formats
Also: Studies are categorized into General, Intermediate, and In-Depth (all available in Spanish)
Information: Little Rock Scripture Study

St-Paul-Center-for-Biblical-TheologySt. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Web site offers free online, text-based Bible study courses, several available in audio
Includes: Mass, Mary, Salvation History, the Kingdom of God, the Gospel of Matthew and others. Especially notable are two courses -- "Covenant Love: Introducing the Biblical Worldview" and "Genesis to Jesus: A Journey Through Scripture"
Information: Online classes
Information: Audio courses