Adult Faith Formation
Best Practices: "Hearts on Fire"

our-hearts-were-burning-within-us2009 was the 10th anniversary of the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ document "Our Hearts Were Burning" on the role of adult faith formation as the Church's central catechetical mission.

To focus awareness and attention on adult faith formation, we have compiled the booklet:

"Hearts on Fire -- Best Practices in Adult Faith Formation from the Diocese of Green Bay" pdf_button

These original meditations, prayer services, and poems by people in our Diocese reflect the experience of people engaged in adult faith formation 10 years after the original document was published.

Hearts on Fire -- Best Practices contents

Featured articles and their local authors include:

  • Message from Bishop David L. Ricken
  • "Our Catholic Faith -- Learn it! Love it! Live it!" by Dr. Joseph A. Bound
  • "Renew the Commitment!" by Julianne Stanz
  • "Adult Faith Formation: Forums: Platforms for Dialogue" by Bishop Robert F. Morneau
  • "A Visible Place of Witness" by Carol Jensen
  • "Jesus, Light My Fire" by Fr. Alfred McBride, O.Praem.
  • "Women Alive In Faith" by Sr. Diane Baumann, ANG
  • "Catholic Charities -- Helping People, Strengthening Families, Building Communities" by Karen Johnston
  • "Connecting the Dots…" by Fr. John Girotti
  • "How Can I Keep from Singing?" by Michele and Lyle Becker
  • "More Than a Feeling: The Pastoral Circle and Adult Faith Formation" by Tony Pichler
  • "Prayer" by Kristina DeNeve
  • "The Redemption" by Rabbi Sidney A. Vineburg
  • "Adult Faith Formation -- A Time for Harvesting" by Sr. Jacqueline Spaniola, OSF
  • "Image of Faith for the Americas: The Virgin of Guadalupe" by Carlos Hernandez
  • "Christian Hospitality -- A Way of Life" by Mary Sedlacek
  • "An Irish Tale" by Deacon Patrick Whitcomb
  • "The Role of Music in Faith Formation" by Carol Wilda
  • "Spiritual Direction -- Another Facet of Adult Faith Formation" by Sr. Anne Marie Lom, OSF
  • "Fully Human and Fully Alive" by Fr. Jim Massart
  • "The Transformational Power of Prayer" by Sr. Patricia Clement, CSJ
  • "Stewards of Giftedness" by Mary Ann Otto
  • "Complete and Systematic = All" by Susan Perrault