Joe Tremblay | Adult Faith Formation Coordinator

Joe Tremblay
(920) 272-8313

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Primary Responsibilities/Tasks/Roles

  • Serve parishes by providing resources, counsel and even programs of adult faith formation
  • Train parish leaders to make disciples of parishioners
  • Provide professional development opportunities such as seminars and leadership conferences

Holy, Engaged and Alive!

The Catholic Church is where I experience the fullness of Christ. The Catholic Faith is the same faith as that of the Apostles, Martyrs and Saints. It is what made them who they are and it is what animates me.

My favorite way to talk with God is by meditating on Scripture and on the writings of the Saints.

I'm married to Elisa Tremblay, who is the youth minister at St. Pius Parish in Appleton. Marrying Elisa is my greatest accomplishment. We have five children who are all actively a part of Catholic schools and my favorite memories were bringing each of them home from the hospital.

I love watching Christmas programs with my family. We are hosts to a foreign-exchange student from Burundi, Africa. We belong to St. Pius X Parish in Appleton. It has been wonderful to see how ongoing prayer, meditation and worship before the Eucharist has given St. Pius X Parish new life and has spawned a plethora of ministerial activity.

Highlights of My Career

  • As a high school religion teacher, I experienced the joy of hearing from students (that I thought were tuned out during class) that I had made a difference in their lives; that they got a lot out of the class
  • As an Adult Faith Formation Coordinator I've had the joy of seeing parishes think outside of the box and try new things in order to bring souls to Christ

The Best Food I've Ever Eaten

Shrimp soup