Economic downturn

Bishop asks parishes to respond to those in need

bishopBishop David L. Ricken is asking Catholics to help families and individuals who are feeling fearful, uncertain, and anxious because of the economic downturn.

"It is in the face of times like these that the Church, and especially parishes, are called to respond with pastoral care and loving concern in whatever ways that it can," Bishop Ricken said.

To help make this possible, the Diocese of Green Bay has put together a packet of helpful ideas, programs, and resource materials.

“The Parish Responds to the Economic Downturn” (466 kb PDF) includes 10 practical ways to reach out to persons in need within the parish and the broader community.

The suggestions include:
  1. Hold an open meeting at the parish to discuss how the parish could respond to those suffering from the economic downturn.
  2. Pray individually and at weekend liturgies.
  3. Put information about available community services in parish publications.
  4. Encourage parishioners to donate money, food, and goods to community agencies.
  5. Talk individually with those who have lost a job.
  6. Organize a parish group for those who are looking for a job.
  7. Offer special courses on financial management or simplifying one’s lifestyle.
  8. Invite parish business leaders to post job openings in the parish bulletin or to mentor those who are seeking training and new careers.
  9. Make parish or school computers available weekly for Internet job searches.
  10. Encourage parents to talk to their children about how the economy is affecting them.