Pastoral Letter: A New Moment for Catechesis

Bishop Ricken issues his first Pastoral Letter to the Diocese of Green Bay

catholic-catechism-for-adults-larger-20091109GREEN BAY — Bishop David Ricken has written his first pastoral letter to Catholics in the Green Bay Diocese. The pastoral letter, released Nov. 1, focuses on the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults, which was published by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2006.

Titled "A New Moment for Catechesis in the Diocese of Green Bay," the 3,500-word pastoral letter discusses the adult catechism's use in faith formation and religious instruction in the diocese.

"This catechism will serve as the rudder on the ship of the catechetical mission of this diocese as we ‘put out into the deep' of this new century and millennium," writes Bishop Ricken.

In describing his desire to have parishes use the adult catechism in education programs, Bishop Ricken says the objective is to bring people to Jesus Christ.

"What I am really calling for here is that all of us see our relationship to Jesus Christ as the most central one of our lives," he states.

The full story and a link to the pastoral letter is available at The Compass newspaper's Web site. Here is a printable PDF version pdf_button