Longing for the Holy

Small Lenten faith-sharing groups across Diocese will explore mysteries of faith

Longing-for-HolySmall groups in about 50 parishes in the Diocese of Green Bay will take part in "Longing for the Holy," a five-week Lenten faith-sharing program produced by Renew International. Participants in "Longing for the Holy" will explore the central mysteries of Catholicism -- the Incarnation, the Eucharist, and the Paschal Mystery.

"Longing for the Holy" is based on "The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality," the popular 1999 book by Oblate Fr. Ron Rolheiser.

The entire "Longing for the Holy" program lasts 12 weeks, and most parishes plan to finish the other seven weeks later this year.

Follow-up to earlier efforts

The Diocese of Green Bay featured Fr. Rolheiser at TEAM Days in March 2010. "Longing for the Holy" is a follow-up to that appearance and to the Lent 2010 "Catholics Come Home" campaign.

It also is part of the Diocese’s ongoing efforts to evangelize and to fill people’s spiritual hungers and their need for a spiritual connection, said Dr. Kristina DeNeve, Diocesan director of spirituality and evangelization.

DeNeve said she hopes "Longing for the Holy" will bring participants closer to God and others in their parish; that some groups will take part in the entire 12-week program and form continuing small Christian communities; and that it will lead to other parish evangelization groups.

Open to everyone

"Longing for the Holy" is open to everyone -- Catholics, non-Catholics and those who don’t attend church. Green Bay is the fourth diocese to adopt "Longing for the Holy," which was first offered in 2009 in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Participants in "Longing for the Holy" will meet for two hours each week in a group of 8 to 12 people. Each session will include:
  • Sharing song, prayer and Scripture
  • Reflecting on the life of a holy person and specific readings
  • Faith sharing
  • Developing a faith-based action plan for the week

Three core areas

The complete "Longing for the Holy" program explores three core areas of faith and spirituality:
  • The central mysteries of the faith
  • Cultural challenges to faith
  • Themes of church and community

More information

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