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Respect for LifeThe Office of the Dignity of Human Life is responsible for strengthening respect life efforts in the diocese and for partnering with parishes, schools and catechetical programs by providing resources and consultation to promote life.

In his June 12, 2011, pastoral letter, "Parishes: Called to be Holy, Fully Engaged, Fully Alive," Bishop David Ricken said: "One of the priorities for the church is the great need to realize the value and the dignity of all human life from the first moment of conception to its natural end."

Bringing Awareness of the Gift of Life

In his pastoral letter Bishop Ricken said: "The Dignity of Human Life Office will work with others in society and in our parishes to bring awareness, especially to the young, about the incredible importance of the gift of human life itself."

Bishop Ricken has outlined a three-facet respect life initiative for the Diocese:

 Pray and fast.

 Learn to love people by freeing them from their ignorance.

 Defend life with no fear, hesitation or compromise.


Hope After Abortion

It's normal to grieve a pregnancy loss, including the loss of a child by abortion. We offer healing help.

Project-RachelProject Rachel is the Catholic Church's healing ministry to those who have been involved in abortion.

Project Rachel is a healing network of specially-trained caregivers that may include priests, deacons, sisters, lay staff, volunteers, mental health professionals, spiritual directors, mentors, chaplains, and medical personnel.

These individuals, often working as a team, provide direct care to women, men, and adolescents who have been touched by an abortion loss, enabling them to grieve, receive forgiveness, and find peace.

In addition to individualized counseling, some programs include support groups and retreats. Project Rachel programs can be found in about 150 Catholic dioceses in the United States, as well as in dioceses in other countries.

Help and More Information

Project Rachel in Northeastern Wisconsin

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Project Rachel nationally

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Abortion Funding Ban

U.S. Bishop's official tells Congress: Permanent ban on abortion funding is long overdue

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