Andrew LeGreve

Andrew LeGreveParish: St. Agnes Parish, Green Bay

Birth Date: June 22

Seminary: Mundelein Seminary

Seminary Address:
1000 E. Maple Avenue
Mundelein IL 60060-1967

Pre-Theology I


Patron: St. John Vianney


What do you want on your pizza?

Cheese, red sauce, sausage, pepperoni, onions, jalapeños, and garlic sauce.

Tell us about a great experience that you had during the summer of 2017.

The best experience of my summer was making the transition out of my nine-to-five engineering job into seminary. As I had expected, it was a shock to everyone when I gave my seven-week notice. However, I did not expect the unanimously warm reception of the news. I thought that surely someone would tell me I was crazy for leaving behind what I had for something completely new, but no one did. Instead, this diverse group of people, including Catholics, other Christians, and nonreligious, simply affirmed the importance of the priesthood and offered their support.

How would you describe the priesthood to a non-believer?

Analogies always fall apart, but one perspective is that the priesthood is a type of fatherhood: a spiritual one. Much like any other father, a priest is tasked with caring for his children. Many would be the people who live around or near the priest's parish. Every child's life begins with birth and a priest administers spiritual life in the waters of Baptism. As a father, he loves his children and teaches them what is important in life, and where (in Whom) all goodness is found (God). A good father cares for the health and wellbeing of his children. He feeds them regularly (the Eucharist), and when they act out he disciplines them gently (replacing vice with virtue). When they are spiritually sick (sin), he brings them to a doctor (Sacrament of Reconciliation). Ultimately, a father wants his children to flourish and to live a good life, so he does everything in his power to lead his children to true happiness and fulfillment (Heaven).

Divine Providence is God's active protection and guidance in our lives. How have you seen Providence in your life?

The most obvious place in my life where I have seen God's providence occurred when I was 11 years old. There was a tragic death on my fathe's side of the family. In that horrible period of time God did not abandon our family and instead created good out of evil. He used the tragedy to pull our family closer together and helped us realize the true importance of religion. With the benefit of hindsight, I see that this laid the groundwork for my spiritual awakening and eventually my discernment of the priesthood. Here is the chain of events: My parents became very involved in Christian Experience Weekends (CEW) since they understood the need to foster their faith and be a part of Christian community. CEW changed their lives so much that I knew it was important and went as soon as I was able (18 years old). After my first retreat I finally started owning my faith. Over the years I stayed involved and even took on team positions. This February, six years later, I organized and led the CEW retreat in Denmark WI. That weekend and that community really sparked my discernment. God further kindled my search with many subtle affirmations. When I look back at what God has done for me, His work is mind-blowing! I find that the key is to be aware that God acts in our lives on a daily basis in sometimes bold, but mostly subtle ways.

Share an interesting fact about your middle school years.

In my later years of middle school I would frequently be called to the principal's office, not to be disciplined, but rather to give tech support! These tasks included burning files to discs, getting music or videos to play, running anti-virus, etc.

What parish and diocesan movements have inspired you as a disciple?

I would say that altar serving, adoration, FOCUS, Christian Experience Weekends, daily Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, and the Esto Vir Men's Conference have had the biggest impact on me as a disciple.

Who are your teams?

I root for the Packers, Brewers, and Admirals (minor league hockey).

What is your favorite day on the Liturgical Calendar?

My favorite day is Divine Mercy Sunday. It is just such a standout feast day in a world that badly needs God's mercy. Also, I always love a good opportunity to get a plenary indulgence!

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?

St. John Vianney.