National Disabilities Month Resources | March

March is National Disabilities Month

In 1987 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed March “Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.” We are challenged each year to spend time reflecting on how to treat all persons as having dignity and being created by God in the image of God. This includes persons with physical, cognitive, learning, and emotional disabilities.

Ways we might celebrate National Disabilities Month:

Learn about Persons with Disabilities

We can learn how to effectively include persons with disabilities into our communities, especially our parishes, and how to use better language so that persons with disabilities are understood first and foremost as "persons."

Ready, Set, Go

ReadySetGoColoringBook CoverColoring book developed and produced by the Consumer Program Advisory Council (CPAC) of the Wyoming INstitute for Disabilities (WIND), College of Health Sciences, University of Wyoming to raise awareness about disabilities among young children. It includes the best terminology for speaking about and with persons with disabilities.

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National Catholic Partnership on Disability

National Catholic Partnership on Disability LogoThe National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD) was established in 1982 to implement in parishes and dioceses throughout the United States the 1978 Pastoral Statement of U.S. Catholic Bishops on Persons with Disabilities.

Learn about persons with disabilities through the excellent resources on this website.

Areas of Special Interest


"A Life Like Yours: Maddie's Story"

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"Understanding Autism"

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Website Resources

Ministry Specific: Autism | Deaf/hard-of-hearing | Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities/ADHD | Mental Illness

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Ministry Models: Diocese | Parish | Universal Design

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Spirituality: CUSA | Prayers and Homilies | Spiritual Development

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Building Awareness: Attitudes | Evolving Definition

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Emergency Plans

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Bulletin Articles and Videos

Bulletin Articles on Faith and Mental Illness | Six-Week Series

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Video Series on Faith and Mental Illness Including Downloadable Resources

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Prayers for Various Occasions | Prayer for Inclusion, We are One Flock, Access Blessing Merton Prayer

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs | Catechesis, Education, Parish, Starting up a Disability Ministry

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Recursos en Español | Spanish Language Resources

Webinars | Catechesis, Inclusión, Aplicación, Espectro de Autismo y Discapacidad del Desarrollo, Discapacidades Sensoriales, Declaración Pastoral de los Obispos sobre Personas con Discapacidades en el 30 Aniversario, Bienvenida y Justicia para Personas con Discapacitadas

Webinars | Catechesis, Inclusion, Application, Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disability, Sensory Disabilities, The Bishops' Pastoral Statement on People with Disabilities at 30, Bishops' Pastoral Statement on People with Disabilities

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Links | Catholic, Interfaith and Secular Organizations, and Government Agencies

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Special Olympics

Special Olympics LogoWatch videos about participants in the Special Olympics and consider getting involved.

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Prayer for Persons with Disabilities 

Prayer for Persons with Disabilities

God our Father, who created all people in your image:
give persons with physical, cognitive, or emotional
disabilities opportunities to do all that they are able to,
and strengthen them to overcome challenges.

Jesus, who showed great compassion for those who suffer:
comfort all who feel like their gifts are not used or that their value is not understood,
so that they might take courage in your affection.

Holy Spirit, who fills believers with all good gifts:
help me to reach out to persons with disabilities through friendship, care, and working
to be sure that our church includes them in everything that we do
and to break down barriers to inclusion in society.

We ask this in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,

Types of Disabilities

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