Bereavement Ministry

bereavementBereavement Ministry is designed to be a source of education, resources, and support for parishes and caregivers in their ministry to the Bereaved so that those grieving a loss through death may experience the healing comfort of God in their faith community. The Bereavement Network provides support, information, and training for parishes in the Diocese already involved in bereavement ministry and for those interested in starting it.


  • Provide support to those active in bereavement ministry
  • Assist parishes interested in beginning bereavement ministry
  • Provide information about resources, publications, training, and conferences
  • Provide up-to-date information about grief support groups in the Diocese
  • Present grief/loss/bereavement topics at diocesan conferences
  • Collaborate with other area groups involved in bereavement work

Grief Support Directory | 2017-2018

Comprehensive list of bereavement support groups within the Diocese of Green Bay | Posted November 15, 2017

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