Single Again/Divorced Support

single-again-picThe Diocese of Green Bay is committed to providing information, resources, and support for the healing and recovery of individuals who have experienced the pain of divorce or separation. Single Again Ministry is open to everyone who is hurting because a loss in their lives -- whether they are divorced or separated.


  • Provide support to those active in Single Again Ministry
  • Assist parishes interested in beginning Single Again Ministry
  • Provide information about resources, publications, training, and conferences
  • Provide current information about Single Again Support groups throughout the Diocese
  • Collaborate with other area groups involved in Single Again Ministry


Divorced/Separated Support Group

  • Are you separated or divorced and looking for others who understand what you are going through?
  • Are you wondering if there is hope for healing and happiness?
  • The Wings Single Again Ministry, through a variety of support groups, invites you to join others who have lived through what you are experiencing.
  • Wings Ministry is designed to help you develop skills to better understand yourself, your relationship to God, and to successfully adjust to the changes in your life.

Wings Single Again Ministry Brochure

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Catholic Divorce Ministry

The Ministry of the North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics

Catholic Divorced MinistryNACSDC is committed to the healing and recovery of those who have experienced separation and divorce. Those experiencing other sources of pain -- whether widowed, never married, or single parents for any reason -- may benefit from the programs and services we offer.


Awareness for Separated and Divorced Catholics

Things you've wanted to know and should know -- about separation, divorce, annulment, children, and family.


NACSDC Resources Online

NACSDC Online ResourcesAn extensive collection of books, audio, and video on all topics surrounding separation and divorce -- Annulments, Divorce Recovery, Children, Single Parenting, Spirituality, Ministry Leadership, and Remarriage.


Regional Happenings and Resources

North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics, Midwest Region 7 MapInformation on available events and resources in North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics, Midwest Region 7, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.


REFLECT Retreats for Mid-Life Singles

REFLECT Retreats LogoREFLECT Catholic retreats for singles is for and about adults in their mid-30s to 50s, who want to know themselves better and discover more about their capacity for life as a single man or women. It's an experience that calls us to believe in our value to the Lord, and to devote ourselves to caring for and serving others.

A two-day weekend retreat is a unique and rare opportunity for mid-life singles to take a step back from everyday life to reflect on where they are at, where they're going, and how they're going to get there. It's a great way to meet new people, share new experiences, and draw closer to the giver of life -- Jesus Christ.


Upcoming Retreats: