Diocesan Policies and Resources

The Safe Environment Department of the Diocese of Green Bay strives to assist parishes, schools, families, and individuals to create safe and healthy environments for children, youth and individuals at risk in all aspects of their lives in accordance with the "Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People" and diocesan policy. Safe Environment polices and resources are available below.


"Our Promise to Protect" Safe Environment Policy (Revised 2012)pdf_button

"Our Promise to Protect" Acknowledgement Form (Revised 2012)pdf_button

Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct for Volunteers pdf_button

Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct for Volunteers (Spanish) pdf_button

Policy on Maintaining Safe Environments pdf_button

Diocese of Green Bay 10-Year Update Brochure

Preserving the Promise to Protect Brochure - B&Wpdf_button

Preserving the Promise to Protect Brochure - colorpdf_button

Child Abuse Awareness Flyers

Promise to Protect Flyerpdf_button

Reporting Abuse Flyerpdf_button

Ways to Prevent Abuse Flyerpdf_button

Individuals at Risk Flyerpdf_button

Additional Resources

(Please note: Resources are NOT official diocesan policy)

Reporting Abuse Brochure  REVISED 2/2013 pdf_button

Reporting Abuse Brochure (Spanish)pdf_button

Parish Bulletin Information on Reporting Abusepdf_button

Parish Bulletin Information on Reporting Abuse (Spanish) pdf_button

Employee/Volunteer Requirements pdf_button

FAQ Safe Environment Training for Children pdf_button

Mandated Reporters of Abuse and Reporting Information  pdf_button

Parent Guide to Internet Safety for Children and Teens pdf_button

Sexting: What You Need to Know and What You Can Do (Parts 1-4) pdf_button

Tips for Parents on Sexting and Teens pdf_button

Tips for Teens on Texting Photos and Online Behavior pdf_button

Cyber-Bullying: Protecting Young People from Technology Dangers pdf_button

Technology Safety Inquiries pdf_button

Sex and Tech: Results from a Survey of Teens and Young Adults pdf_button

Tips for Teens to Prevent Sexting pdf_button

Human Trafficking and Sex Tourism with Children pdf_button

Profile of a Molester pdf_button

Resources for Individuals at Risk

Abuse of Individuals at Risk Part 1: The Paradox of Vulnerability pdf_button

Abuse of Individuals at Risk Part 2: Grooming Behavior pdf_button

Abuse of Individuals at Risk Part 3: Mitigation pdf_button

Abuse of Individuals at Risk Part 4: Case Studies pdf_button