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Disciples on the Way

Where Are We Going?
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"Disciples on the Way" is a process, not a program, so that each one of us and our parishes can be renewed and strengthened. Part of this process, is recognizing the need to make adjustments, so at the request of the priests and pastoral leaders of the Diocese, we are extending the timeline of "Disciples on the Way."

Disciples On the WayThe timeline of the journey is extended to 2024 (see below) so that we may spend time growing in discipleship, improving the quality of our worship and forming our leaders and parishioners to bring the Good News to others.

This does not mean that all of us should not be doing this work now or that we should wait until this process is complete. However, we must be intentional in our efforts to ensure that a critical mass of missionary disciples is formed and sent out to be impactful for the Gospel and the Church in Northeast Wisconsin.

Please consider this an invitation from Bishop David Ricken to be a part of this journey.

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