Rita Steffen | Witnessing Students Grow in Faith

St. Gregory School, St. Nazianz
Educator for 13 Years

In my years of service at St. Gregory School, I have had the privilege of witnessing many students grow stronger in their faith. Each student's faith development begins with a basic foundation. As students pass through the grades from one year to the next, a new layer of "faith knowledge" is added to the existing foundation.

Being given the opportunity to instruct Religion class brings me great joy. It's a chance to assist the parents in the building of the foundation of their faith. As students question ideas about God, religion, or values, I am challenged to provide answers for them or research the answers. In this way, my students and I have also been able to explore and learn about some of these concepts together.

Faith Grows through Experiences

Together, our faith grows due to the experiences we are able to share throughout the year. Weekly Masses bring alive God's word and gives us an important message to apply to our own lives. Preparing for and celebrating the sacraments brings us together as the family of God as we receive His grace. There are other activities in which students participate during Advent, Holy Week, Catholics Schools Week, or in community service projects to learn about the history, tradition or personal connections of our faith.

Working with students can bring its own set of day-to-day challenges and rewards. Fortunately, from my perspective, having the privilege of witnessing students grow in their faith is one of the greatest rewards one can experience.