Marriage Tribunal | Annulments

The Pastoral Ministry of the Tribunal

This page briefly explains the pastoral ministry of the Green Bay Diocesan Marriage Tribunal, especially the ecclesiastical process called annulment. It contains answers to frequently asked questions about these topics.

How do I start the annulment process?

You can start the annulment process by either contacting your local Roman Catholic Parish or contacting the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal. What happens is that you are referred to a trained Tribunal Advocate in your local area who is trained by the Tribunal to serve you. You must have an advocate to start your case. To contact the Marriage Tribunal you can contact the following:

Fr. Bob Kabat, (920) 272-8172
Joann VanderLoop, (920) 272-8169



Annulment Information and Resources

Questions and Answers about the Tribunal, Church teachings on marriage and divorce, and the annulment process

Annulment and Divorce: A Comparison

Printable Forms used in annulment process

Support groups for the divorced