Social Teachings

The Roman Catholic Church has a long tradition of social teaching that recognizes the dignity of all people and respects life in all forms and stages.

These teachings are based on numerous biblical passages about charity, service, justice, and compassion for others.

Social-Teaching-lgThese are the themes of Church social teachings based on Scripture:

  • Life and dignity of every human
  • Community and the common good
  • Individual rights and duties
  • Putting the needs of the poor and vulnerable first
  • Dignity of work and the rights of workers
  • Solidarity with all our brothers and sisters
  • Care for God's creation -- our environment

As Catholics, we are called -- both as individuals and as parishes -- to do what Jesus did. That means following the Church's social teachings by acts of charity, serving those in need, promoting justice, speaking out for the weak and powerless, and protecting and nurturing all of God’s creation.

Areas of Social Concerns Ministry

Parishioners may become most involved in social concerns ministry by joining their parish’s social concerns committee. Call your parish and ask for the committee contact person.

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Respect for Life

Respect life by protecting the unborn, supporting women in crisis pregnancies, advocating for persons with disabilities, and supporting the elderly and those with terminal illness.

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Community Service

Work with those in need and support the work of those who serve others.

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Speak out for the voiceless and work for changes in our laws.

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Pastoral Care

Meet the pastoral needs of parishioners who are homebound, living in care facilities or whose lives are changing, through personal visits, self-help groups and by welcoming people.

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Global Service Programs

Support the work of missionaries, promote programs, give to special collections and contribute to other programs.

Catholic Relief Services

Global Service Programs