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On this page you will find copies of policies of the Diocese of Green Bay that you may view or download.

  • A Diocesan Policy is what the Code of Canon Law calls "particular law," or "diocesan law." These are laws established and promulgated by the Bishops of Green Bay for the Diocese of Green Bay. They remain in effect until the Bishop revises or eliminates them.
  • Diocesan Policies are in addition to the laws in the Code of Canon Law and other laws for the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Diocesan Policies are binding. They require a dispensation if one needs to act otherwise in a particular situation. Dispensations may be requested from the Bishop or the Vicar General.
  • Diocesan Policies are distinct from Diocesan Guidelines, which are strong recommendations, but do not have the binding force of policies.

Note: This page does not yet include all policies in effect in the Diocese. Eventually all Diocesan Polices will be posted here.

Diocesan Policies

Partnership Policies
Diocesan law to guide the Church in forming ecumenical and interfaith partnerships and collaborations for the purpose of performing works of charity. (Promulgated October 22, 2013 | Posted December 11, 2013)
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Requirements for the Building and Renovation of Churches in the Diocese of Green Bay
Requirements for constructing and renovating churches, including placement of altar, tabernacle, crucifix, reconciliation chapel, and kneelers, and use of liturgical consultants.
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General Decree Establishing the Fifth Edition of the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services as Particular Law in the Diocese of Green Bay
Makes Fifth Edition of Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services policy in the Diocese.
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Process to Become a Recognized Lay Catholic Organization
Lists reasons, requirements, expectations, and process for becoming a Recognized Lay Catholic Organization.

Policy Decree 
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Registration and Application Form
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Policy Regarding Background Checks for Priests and Deacons Coming into the Diocese of Green Bay
Procedures for diocesan and religious priests and deacons who will serve in the Diocese six months or more with an appointment by the bishop or less than six months for ministry such as a wedding, funeral, baptism, retreat.
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Pastoral Leaders Policy Decree
Diocesan policies for a deacon or some other person who is not a priest serving as a pastoral leader as particular law for the Diocese of Green Bay.
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Acknowledgement and Agreement Form for Priests, Deacons, Seminarians, Other Ministers and Employees
Acknowledges receipt of "Our Promise to Protect" Safe Environment Policy.
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Department of Education Catechetical Certification Decree
Diocesan policies for the certification of all catechetical personnel in Catholic Schools, Religious Education and Youth Ministry as particular law for the Diocese of Green Bay.
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Diocesan Board of Education Policy Manual
Diocesan policies for schools, religious education, and parish boards and committees.
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"Our Promise to Protect" | Revised March 2018
Safe environment policy of the Diocese of Green Bay.
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Parish Manual for Proxies
Policy and procedure for exercising stewardship of goods entrusted to the Church in accord with civil and canon law.
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Records Retention Schedule For Parishes
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Policy for Entering Senior Priest Status
Process to assist priests in their transition to senior priest status when age and health make the administration of parishes or other ministry difficult.
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Sacramental Register Handbook
Diocesan policies for recording and safeguarding sacramental records.
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Recording Confirmations in Sacramental Registry
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Speaker Permission Policy
The procedure for requesting permission for speakers who come from outside the Diocese of Green Bay.
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