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  • Support our Seminarians

    Support our Seminarians

    Your gift will make a huge difference now and for the future of our Church
  • Reconnect to Inspire

    Reconnect to Inspire

    Parishes throughout our diocese are gradually reopening.
  • Priest & Pastoral Leader Appointment Announcements

    Priest & Pastoral Leader Appointment Announcements

    These announcements come courtesy of The Compass News.
  • COVID-19 Resources & Updates

    COVID-19 Resources & Updates

    Information and resources for all in the Diocese of Green Bay.
  • Year of St. Joseph

    Year of St. Joseph

    Bishop David Ricken calls for a Year of Prayer in honor of St. Joseph.
  • TV and Live Streaming Mass Information

    TV and Live Streaming Mass Information

    Find where to participate in Mass from home via TV and the web

The Office of Families & Schools offers a series of online FCC classes, which can be taken at the participant’s own pace and place.  Each course involves five 2-hour lecture videos, downloadable notes, and supplemental resources pertinent to the topic.   Online courses follow the same lesson plan as classroom sessions and may be used to take the entire course or specific sessions as make-ups. Participants are responsible for submitting their own completion form.   There is no registration fees, thanks in part to Bishop’s Appeal funding.
Link to Getting Started Tutorial (Please do yourself a favor by reading this guide before getting started!)
pdf Getting Started tutorial
(1.29 MB)

Links to Online Class Registrations: