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For young adults who are being called to priesthood or religious life, that they may act on God's call and be supported by their families and this parish community ...

That all men and women hear God's call and generously respond especially those called to priesthood and religious life ...

That this faith community may identify and encourage men and women who are called to priesthood and religious life ...

That the Diocese of Green Bay may continue to encourage men to be priests and that this parish may identify and support men to follow God's call to priesthood ...

That there be a greater appreciation of the call to the ordained priesthood and religious life among us and that we will have more priests and religious to serve here in our Diocese.


A Vocation Prayer by Bishop David Ricken

Almighty God,
You have given me the gift of life,
and the gift of your Holy Spirit.
For these incredible gifts, I thank you.
Help me to use them well.

Deepen within me a desire to do your will.
Help me to hear and answer your call to serve you.
Guide me to the vocation you have chosen for me,
as a loving spouse and parent in the Sacrament of Marriage,
as a single person living a life of generous service,
or through a special call to serve you in Religious Life or the Priesthood.

May your Holy Spirit keep me always close to your Son Jesus,
and help me to say yes to Him
with the gift of my life.



Vocation Prayer

Gracious Lord, thank You for the blessings of this day. Continue to be near to me, and help me to understand my vocation. You have blessed me with many gifts and talents which I want to use to serve You and the Church. Help me to know how best to serve.

"Come, follow me," Jesus has told us. I want to follow, but I am not sure of the right path. Help me to make the right choices. You have blessed me, Lord, and I am grateful. Help me to see in myself what You see and give me the strength to follow my vocation.


Family Vocation Prayer

Loving God, each member of our family is a special gift from You. You have given each of us gifts and talents so we may enjoy life, but also so we can share with others. Generous and loving people are needed for service and leadership in our Church. Help us to know how to encourage and support each other so that we can respond generously to this need. We know that You will be with us, inviting us to become the kind of people You desire us to be. Help us to trust in You and in each other.


Priest I Know Best Vocation Prayer

Dear Lord, bless Father ______________. He may not know how much he has influenced me in considering my call to priesthood, but I do appreciate him. I may no have told him but I pray you continue to strengthen and guide him as he touches lives in your name.


Prayer for the Perseverance of Vocations

O God, You have constituted Your only-begotten Son supreme and eternal Priest for the glory of Your majesty and the salvation of mankind; grant that those whom He has chosen ministers and dispensers of His mysteries may be found faithful in fulfilling the ministry they have received.


Prayer for Vocations

Heavenly Father, You have created each of us to love You and Your people. You have chosen some to serve by responding to the particular call to diocesan priesthood and religious life. Send Your Holy Spirit to stir the hearts of those You have designed to follow this path of spiritual leadership. We pray this petition, faithful and most gracious God, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


Oracion en Español

Padre Santo: Necesitamos mensajeros animosos del Evangelio,
siervos generosos de la humanidad sufriente.

Evía a tu Iglesia, te rogamos, presbíteros santos, que santifiquen a tu pueblo, con los instrumentos de tu gracia.

Envía numerosos consagrados quen muestren tu santidad en medio del mundo.

Envía a tu niña, santos operarios que trabajen con el ardor de la caridad y, movidos por tu Espíritu Santo, lleven la salvación de Cristo hasta los últimos confines de la Tierra.


The Holy Father's Prayer For Vocations

Holy and Provident Father, You are the Lord of the vineyard and the harvest and You give each a just reward for their work. In Your design of love You call men and women to work with You for the salvation of the world.

We thank You for Jesus Christ, Your living Word, who has redeemed us from our sins and is among us to assist us in our poverty. Guide the flock to which You have promised possession of the Kingdom.

Send new workers into Your harvest and set in the hearts of Pastors faithfulness to Your plan of salvation, perseverance in their vocation and holiness of life.

Christ Jesus, who on the shores of the Sea of Galilee called the Apostles and made them the foundation of the Church and bearers of Your Gospel, in our day sustain Your people on their journey. Give courage to those whom You call to follow You in the priesthood and the consecrated life, so that they may enrich God's field with the wisdom of Your Word. Make them docile instruments of Your love in everyday service of their brothers and sisters.

Spirit of holiness, who pours out Your gifts on all believers and especially on those called to be Christ's ministers, help young people to discover the beauty of the divine call. Teach them the true way of prayer, which is nourished by the Word of God. Help them to read the signs of the times so as to be faithful interpreters of Your gospel and bearers of salvation.

Mary, Virgin who listened and Virgin of the Word made flesh in your womb, help us to be open to the Word of the Lord so that having been welcomed and meditated on, it may grow in our hearts. Help us to live like you the beatitudes of believers and to dedicate ourselves with unceasing charity to evangelizing all those who seek your Son.

Grant that we may serve every person, becoming servants of the Word we have heard, so that remaining faithful to it we may find our happiness living it.


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