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Application Procedure

We appreciate your interest in the Diocesan Emmaus Program. 

Goals of this program are:

1.  Demonstrate the qualities of human maturity needed for fruitful ministry with the people of God.
2.  Construct a well-formed spirituality consisting of an active personal prayer life, regular theological reflection, and engagement in the communal prayer of the Church.
3.  Articulate and interpret core Catholic teachings informed by the study of the Scripture and theology.
4.  Exhibit a range of leadership and pastoral skills needed for effective ministry.
5.  Apply the learned knowledge and skills to ministerial settings.


Entering the Emmaus Program is as easy as 1, 2 3.

  1. Complete Application Package
  2. Interview with Admission Committee
  3. Register for Classes

The Emmaus Program is no longer accepting applicants for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please check back in January 2020 for information on how to apply for admission to the program for Fall 2020.


1.    Acquire and Fill in Application Form

2.    Request References

3.    Write brief Spiritual Autobiography

4.    Gather Required Material (if applicable)

5.    Prepare Application Fee

6.    Mail Package

Acquire and Complete Application Form

View and print Application Form or Contact Us and we will be happy to mail you a paper copy.

Remember to 

  • Answer all questions
  • Sign and date application form
  • Keep a copy for your records 

Application Deadlines

  • Feb 1 and June 1 for Fall Admission
  • November 1 for Spring Admission

2018-2019 Program Fee Schedule


Application Fee

One Time Non-Refundable


Activity Fee



Tuition Cost per Credit

This is a Discount Rate offered by Silver Lake College for Participants in this Program


Book Cost Per Course



You will need two (2) references as part of your application package. Choose and ask individuals who are familiar with your ministry involvement or can attest to your skills and leadership in your ministry field. One must be your Pastor/Pastoral Leader.

To complete Recommendation Forms after individuals have accepted;

You should:

  • List their names and addresses on your Application Form
  • Print two (2) Recommendation Forms
  • Write your name next to Applicant Requesting Reference
  • Decide and choose your option to view your reference forms by checking the appropriate box
  • Sign your name
  • Forward Recommendation Form to reference persons
  • Request they complete and return it to us as soon as possible

Reference Person should:

  • Write their name under Reference Person
  • Write the title of their current position or relationship to you
  • Write their contact information
  • Answer and complete each question
  • Sign and date Recommendation Form
  • Return Recommendation Form directly to us.

Spiritual Autobiography

Along with your application you’ll need to submit a brief two-page autobiography describing your spiritual journey. It could...

  • Describe how your faith has developed and what growth you have experienced. 
  •  Identify which moments or situations have caused you to pause and reflect on your faith.
  •  Write about who has influned your faith journey and why.   


A typed document is preferred but legible handwritten is acceptable. Typed documents should keep formatting at a size 12 font in either Arial,Times New Roman, Halvetica or Calibri in either single or double spaced. 

* DO NOT exceed two (2) pages - Submit either 2 single-sided pages or 1 double-sided page 

Required Documents

Include the following documents with your application package if they are applicable.

·         Baptismal Certificate with notations

·         Marriage Certificate

·         Transcripts of undergraduate and graduate degrees


After you have completed the application package and it has been received by the Department for Lay Ministry Formation, you will be contacted to schedule an interview appointment with the Admissions Committee.

The interview with the Admissions Committee will assess:

  • personal and spiritual maturity
  • active participation in the sacramental life of the Church
  • desire for renewal and growth
  • positive attitude toward Church and ministry
  • past and present engagement in parish life
  • ability to communicate and collaborate with other ministers in the Church and marketplace
  • ability to pursue college level education
  • psychological stability


After your acceptance to the Emmaus Program you will:

  • Develop a plan of study with the Program Director
  • Register for classes that begin the following term
  • Attend an orientation meeting