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Jubilee 2018 Diocesan 150th Anniversary 2



Thank You!

If you have just finished watching the LIVE broadcast of the 150th Jubilee Film on WFRV Local 5, you heard Bishop David Ricken say at the end of the film - Thank you! Or, if you're here to watch it for the first time - Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the history of the Diocese of Green Bay. Thank you for reflecting on how God has, and continues to work, in and through His Church in Northeastern Wisconsin.

And thank you for being open to "more," whatever that is, in taking the time to visit this webpage today!



 An Opportunity To Share This Story With Others

Because of the generosity of WFRV Local 5, not only did the vision for this documentary become a reality, but we are pleased to be able to share this film with you online. Watch it again at your convenience, and consider sharing it with others.

It might also be a great resource for your parish in a variety of ways. Possibly, it's something that you show and discuss in a small group setting, or have new staff and volunteers watch as an inspiration for their new beginnings in ministry. It can be watched in a full-screen format by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner of the video box above.

However you share it, we invite you to consider sharing this film with others as an opportunity to reflect on our call to missionary discipleship and invite others into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Simply share the link for this page, www.gbdioc.org/150film, with them today.


We've compiled a series of lesson plans and guides created for adults and students to understand the history of the Diocese as they watch the accompanying film.

Jesus' Story

Yes! Our faith and life is found in Jesus, the Son of God, who was born, lived, died, raised from the dead, and Who lives now and forever!

He wants the same for you and me!

And, while there are many programs and services that our Diocese provides which you can learn more about on this website, they would mean nothing without introducing you to the One Who sustains us and gives us new life - Jesus.

The video to the right sums up everything we believe in 3 minutes or less, and we invite you to take a moment to view and reflect on it.

Who do you say that Jesus is?





Your Story

Your story is part of our story, and together we continue discover what it means to receive, live, and share this love God has given to us in Jesus.

And just as others experienced throughout the history of our diocese, our lives have chapters with celebrations and challenges, times of growth, and times of trial.

We honor where our stories meet, right here and now. We look with hope to where God continues to work in your life, as well as our life as a community, and in and through His Church in Northeastern Wisconsin.



ONEShare ONE Story

To help connect individuals and their stories, we have created a website where individuals are sharing their stories. We invite you to listen to these stories, and if you are so called, to share your own. These are stories of real people with real challenges. They are stories of God's grace breaking through. This is the same grace He has for you.

Consider visiting shareonestory.com now. We believe you will be blessed by it as you do.

On this site, you will find a page where you can have someone follow up with you personally, either by phone or by email. We mean it when we say that we want to be here for you, wherever you are in your journey of life and faith. Click the buttons below to visit the Share One Story site now.

Thank you again for watching! You and those you love are in our heartfelt thoughts and prayers!

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