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Reconnect to Inspire

The Diocese of Green Bay is reopening and we are happy to provide support and resources to our parish and school leaders and all the faithful throughout the 16 counties we serve.

The diocese is reconnecting to inspire in a phased way, always keeping in mind the health and safety of those in our parishes, schools and communities. The following guiding principles will continue to influence our decisions. We will continue to balance bold faith and prudent safety, monitor data and provide measured responses, encourage collaboration between our diocesan monitoring team and local pastor/pastoral leader and continue to follow the process of a phased approach to ministry.

Follow the links below for the latest updates from the diocese. You'll find resources for you, your families, and your parishes and schools during this time.

Reinstatement of the Sunday Obligation

The Diocese of Green Bay has lifted the dispensation for the Obligation to participate in the Sunday Mass effective the weekend of September 19-20, 2020.

Return to Mass phasing information

*For Liturgical directives, please visit the Divine Worship website.

Livestream, televised and radio Masses

Reconnecting with parish and school communities 

  • All Souls’ Day Celebration: An Outreach of Hope to the Community 
    Worship Aid Leader Guide
    During this unusual year where COVID-19 has changed how we live and how we grieve, there is an opportunity for us to gather our local community to celebrate the lives of those who have passed away. This resource provides an outreach of hope to the community, including a worship aid and leader guide.
  • Reconnect Group Leaders Guide & Session Outlines |  Reconnect groups are brief four-week sessions held both digitally and in-person which aim to provide an opportunity to regather as a community, become reacquainted with others, and share one’s personal experience living through the pandemic.
  • Moving From Digital to In-person Relationships | The pandemic has called for a creative hybrid of outreach efforts from parishes. This resource provides useful considerations as you open your church doors once again for larger gatherings and worship.

Resources for Families

Facilities and Maintenance Resources

Visit this web page for resources directly associated with facility maintenance during the pandemic.


Additional information for parishes

Workforce guidance:

Other Helpful Information:

School resources

Please note that these may change at any time due to federal, state or local requirements. 


  • Guidance for Opening High School Athletics and Activities | The NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) offers this document as guidance on how state associations can consider approaching the many components of “opening up” high school athletics and activities across the United States.

CDC Resources

County Information

School Health Information

  • DPI has created guidance relevant for school health services. You'll find it on the  DPI COVID-19 Information for School Health Services webpage.
  • DPI School Toolkit - DPI has created this document to offer schools guidance regarding considerations, strategies, and rationale for making decisions. The tools provide school nurses and school staff with resources to implement the strategies.
  • DPI has created Guidelines for the Prevention, Investigation, and Control of COVID-19 Outbreaks in K-12 Schools in Wisconsin. Click Here for the full document
  • DPI has created an Illness Log/Line List to track student or staff absences.  Please use this form to report any illness and please send a copy of the form to your local health agency and the Office of Catholic Schools.  Click here for list. 




  • Back to School Letter | A letter to be sent to parents in July-August outlining what the school plans to do for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Communication Plan for Schools | A detailed communication plan that is developed by the principal and staff and sent to all families prior to the start of school (August).
  • Initial Notification Letter | A letter to be sent to parents in June giving the options currently in review by the school (created by St. John Bosco).
  • Notification of Positive Test in School | A letter to be sent to parents if someone tests positive for Covid-19 and what the school protocol will be.
  • Envisioning the Future  | Template for principals and staff to use to plan for 2020-2021 (courtesy of Notre Dame High School).
  • Leading with Hope | This document is a three pronged approach to support schools in making the necessary plans for a return to school.  It includes a readiness checklist for the team to use to determine what may need to be completed. 
  • School Statements Related to COVID Exposures | Samples of messaging should your priest, a school staff member or a student test positive for COVID-19, is exposed to someone who has tested positive, or is awaiting test results.

Phased Restart Plan | Guidelines created by the Diocese to determine where schools are based on state, federal and local information and what the recommended procedures should be.

Guidebook to Re-Open | A guide for schools to use when planning for reopening that addresses all areas that need to be reviewed

COVID-19 Resource website

Launched in March to keep the faithful of the diocese informed and safe during the  COVID-19 pandemic, this web site provides useful resources for parishes, schools and families. You'll find spiritual, parish ministry, family, religious education/youth ministry, and health guideline resources located on the website.