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What Is Discipleship?

“Mission is never the fruit of a perfectly planned program or a well-organized manual. Mission is always the fruit of a life which knows what it is to be found and healed, encountered and forgiven. Mission is born of a constant experience of God’s merciful anointing.” - Pope Francis

We, the Diocese of Green Bay, are “Disciples on the Way”. As a community of faith, we desire to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and his body, the Catholic Church. Each one of us – bishop, priest, deacon, parish staff, parishioner, etc. – by virtue of our Baptism, is a part of this journey. Each person who desires to grow in relationship with Jesus is invited to join us as “Disciples on the Way so that we can walk this journey together.

The goal of “Disciples on the Way” is the renewal of each person and in turn, our parishes through helping all to:
Discover Jesus
Follow Jesus
Worship Jesus
Share Jesus with others

What does it mean to be a disciple?

The word disciple comes from the Greek word mathetes meaning pupil/student of the master. It is an apprenticeship in faith to the master, Jesus Christ.

A disciple is a friend and follower of Jesus who follows Jesus, worships Jesus, and shares Jesus with others. The identity of a disciple springs from Jesus Christ, through faith and Baptism, and grows in the Church, the community where all its members acquire equal dignity and participate in various ministries and charisms.

Where do I begin?

You are invited to journey as a “Disciple on the Way”. Whether you are interested in learning more about Jesus, the Catholic Church or the Diocese of Green Bay, we invite you to come and share your gifts with us. One of the best places that you can share your gifts with us is through your parish and school community.