The Vision for New Evangelization

Disciples on the Way: A Missionary Journey into the New Evangelization

disciplesonthewaycover We, the Diocese of Green Bay are "Disciples on the Way."

"Disciples on the Way" is an ongoing invitation from Bishop Ricken to embark upon a journey into the new evangelization to become missionary disciples. "Disciples on the Way" is a discipleship-making process that includes the following elements:

  • Discover Jesus
  • Follow Jesus
  • Worship Jesus
  • Share Jesus

All Invited to Participate

The Diocese of Green Bay invites all to participate in this journey as a "Disciple on the Way" and provides many resources for you to understand the disciple-making process.

Disciples on the Way Resources


Resources for Parish Leadership

For parishes, the Diocese also provides this Parish Leadership Overview to help you understand what it means to live out the call to discipleship and how to cultivate a culture of missionary discipleship in the parish.

Parish Leadership Overview


Read Bishop Ricken's document "Disciples on the Way"

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Formation in Prayer and Holiness: "Teach My People to Pray"

Pastoral-Reflection-Teach-My-People-to-Pray-cover"Teach My People to Pray" is Bishop Ricken's pastoral reflection for Phase 1 of Disciples on the Way: Prayer and Holiness.

"The call of these first two years, is to put first things first, which is all about establishing priorities centered around God; especially in our time, our talent and our treasure, our prayer, our service, and our sharing. I would like to invite all the faithful in the Diocese to take the next step in deepening our prayer lives," Bishop Ricken notes.

Read Bishop Ricken's document "Teach My People to Pray"

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Formación en la vida de oración y de santidad: Enseñarán a mi Pueblo a Orar

Ensenaran a mi Pueblo a Orar"Enseñarán a mi Pueblo a Orar", es El Obispo de Ricken reflexión pastoral para la fase 1 de los discípulos en el camino: la oración y de la santidad. "El llamado de estos dos primeros años, es poner primero lo primero, que trata de establecer prioridades centradas en Dios; especialmente en nuestro tiempo, nuestro talento y nuestro tesoro, nuestra oración y nuestra participación. Me gustaría inviter a todos los fieles de la Diócesis a tomar el siguiente paso y depender de nuestras vidas de oración", el Obispo Ricken notas.

Leer Obispo Ricken del documento "Enseñar Mi Pueblo a Orar"

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"Teach My People to Pray"

A Five-Part Study on Bishop Ricken's Pastoral Reflection

Teach My People 5 Part Study GuideDrawing on Bishop Ricken's pastoral reflection "Teach My People to Pray," this companion resource is a five-session small faith sharing resource focused on prayer and the call to holiness. The hope in creating this companion resource, is that participants will encounter and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ so they can be a witness to others. Imminently practical with questions for discussion, prayers, and meditations, this study guide is an excellent resource for any small parish group, for couples or families to explore in their homes or for individuals who want to deepen their prayer life.

Read the "Teach My People to Pray" Five-Part Study Guide

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"Teach My People to Pray" Implementation Guide

Compiled by the Department of New Evangelization

Resource-Booklet-CoverParishes are encouraged to use the accompanying implementation guide for "Teach My People to Pray" as a resource for creating their pastoral ministry plans.

Pope Francis remarks that "Pastoral ministry in a missionary key seeks to abandon the complacent attitude that says: 'We have always done it this way.' I invite everyone to be bold and creative in this task of rethinking the goals, structures, style and methods of evangelization in their respective communities. A proposal of goals without an adequate communal search for the means of achieving them will inevitably prove illusory" Evangelii Gaudium #33.

The suggestions included are a starting point to foster a culture of intentional discipleship in your parish. Every parish in their spiritual tradition, structure and composition, may certainly decide to implement and focus on these but also other ideas as fitting with the particular needs of the parish. A willingness to be bold and consider looking afresh at the parish through the new evangelization is to be encouraged!


If you have any questions about this resource please contact:
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Director of New Evangelization
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Read the Department of New Evangelization's Implementation Guide

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