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Office of Apostolates, Spiritual Renewal & Ecumenical Outreach

The Office to Apostolates, Spiritual Renewal and Ecumenical Outreach assists the Parish and Family Life Mission Team, the Evangelization & Discipleship Mission Team, the Associate Director of the Curia and the Chancellor of the Diocese in outreach to apostolates, and in ecumenical dialog with other churches and ecclesial bodies; and promotes and fosters spiritual renewal, healing ministry and increased devotion to the Holy Spirit in our parishes, apostolates, and diocesan entities.


We provide support and accompaniment to apostolates and recognized Catholic organizations, helping connect them with each other and with diocesan offices; and assisting them with becoming compliant with all diocesan requirements. We also promote spiritual renewal throughout the diocese by highlighting the work of various apostolates and through fruitful collaboration with them.

Spiritual Renewal

Two key elements of spiritual renewal are (1) a vibrant devotion and openness to the Person, Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit and His gifts, and (2) the ministry of healing.

Through the Entrust Retreats and other events, we promote devotion to the Holy Spirit and provide opportunities to receive His power and to be released in His gifts and charisms for the work of ministry. We especially focus on those who work with young people to prepare them for Confirmation so that our youth can better encounter the Risen Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and be more greatly disposed to the grace of the Sacrament and the gifts, charisms, and fruit of the Holy Spirit. Our office works with parishes, apostolates, and recognized Catholic organizations to pursue revival in all 16 counties of our diocese.

Ecumenical Outreach

Our office engages with other churches and ecclesial bodies with the desire to grow in dialogue, mutual understanding and to seek out appropriate ways in which we can collaborate to bring about greater Christian unity and a greater witness to Our Lord to the world around us.


  • Maximus Cabey Officer to Apostolates, Spiritual Renewal and Ecumenical Outreach
    Phone: 920-272-8288