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Diocesan-wide Confirmation Liturgies

 2021 Fall Confirmation Mass, October 10th

12:00pm  l  4:00pm

2022 Spring Pentecost Liturgy, June 5th

These liturgies are for any candidate unable to participate in their parish's Confirmation liturgy; those who have been prepared as adults through their parish process and are prepared for the sacrament or those that have received special permission from the Bishop to receive at an earlier age. Those individuals needing to receive Baptism, Holy Commuion and Confirmation or just Holy Communion and Confirmation should receive these sacraments at the parish's Easter Vigil celebration.

Each liturgy is limited to approximately 60 confirmands (candidates).

Registration will open from August 9th through September 1st. Registration is required. If you are a candidate wanting to attend this liturgy, please contact your parish Confirmation or RCIA Leader to complete this registration. 

Registration Form


St. Francis Xavier Cathedral
140 S Monroe Ave
Green Bay WI 54301
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Candidates and sponsors should be seated 60 minutes before Mass and are reminded to dress appropriately for the occasion. Please enter the Cathedral from the parking lot entrance rather than the Monroe St. entrance. Candidates should check-in at the welcome table inside the Cathedral entrance to receive their name tags. Sponsors will not need name tags


Candidates should be accompanied by their sponsor who will be seated directly behind them.  Candidates are invited to bring family and friends to participate in this joyous celebration.  Seating for guests (other than sponsors) will not be reserved and available on a first-come, first served basis. 


There should be adequate free parking in the Cathedral parking lot along Walnut and Monroe Streets.


Parishes will be seated together as much as we can accommodate. Ushers will be present to assist. 


 Fr. Mark Mleziva and Bishop will conduct a short rehearsal prior to Mass. Bishop will require Candidates to know the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and will ask the group questions.


Mass is generally about 90 minutes long.


Bishop will be available for group photos by parish immediately following Mass. Groups will be called forward by parish to stand with Bishop on the santuary steps. In order to keep the main aisle of the Cathedral clear so all candidates have the opportunity to come forward, everyone is to REMAIN SEATED until allowed forward to take photos. You will be asked to return to your seat so the next group can come forward. Everyone will be given ample time to take photos.


Confirmation Certificates will be provided by the Office of Divine Worship and will be available for each Candidate after Mass.


Pastors are invited to concelebrate. (Please bring an alb for concelebration.)


Arvilla Rusnak
(920) 272-8341 | 1-877-500-3580, ext. 8341
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Confirmation, like every Sacrament, is not the work of men but of God, who cares for our lives in such a manner as to mold us in the image of his Son, to make us capable of loving like him. He does it by infusing in us his Holy Spirit, whose action pervades the whole person and his entire life …"

 - Pope Francis -