From The Compass - January 17, 2019 Press Conference Video

The Diocese of Green Bay has released the names of forty-seven diocesan priests who have substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.

This is the full-length video of the press conference making this announcement on Thursday, January 17, 2019.

The video runs forty-three minutes and thirty-two seconds in length.




Clergy Disclosure List


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Life is a gift, and we are charged by the Creator to protect it and to foster its growth wherever possible. As individuals, made in the image and likeness of God, we are challenged each day to pursue life over death, potential over limitations and light over darkness.

As the Bishop and shepherd of the Diocese of Green Bay, I share with you in the link below, the clergy disclosure list of diocesan priests with a substantiated allegation of sexual abuse of a minor against them.

With the disclosure of this list of clergy, a new chapter begins. A chapter that is about openness, and a chapter that can set a course toward healing for all those who have been hurt by the Church. I cannot express enough how deeply sorry I am for reopening this wound for victims/survivors and their families, but I am also grateful that there is now an opening for others who have been hurt by the Church to come forward. I invite you to please come forward or to seek the help of a health care professional.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Ricken Signature     

 Clergy Disclosure List


Promise to Protect, Listening Session Questions and Responses

In early September, Bishop David Ricken published an “action steps to accountability” report in which he listed ways the Diocese of Green Bay would commit to addressing the clergy sexual abuse crisis. Since that report was published, Bishop Ricken attended a series of listening sessions across the diocese. In late September, The Compass began publishing Bishop Ricken’s reponses to questions received at the listening sessions.

Visit The Compass website to access all of the information released since the “action steps to accountability.”


Action Steps to Accountability - A Message from Bishop David L. Ricken

In this 4 minute video, Bishop David L. Ricken shares his personal commitment and action plan for his response to the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.

In addition to this video, The Compass has prepared a special multi-page insert in the September 7th, 2018, edition of the paper with other articles addressing this important issue as well. Click the link below to visit The Compass website and read the print letter in its entirety.




An Open Letter from Bishop David L. Ricken

An Open Letter from Bishop David Ricken

An open letter from Bishop David L. Ricken was shared with faithful of the Diocese of Green Bay regarding the recent public accusations about Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, and the release of the grand jury report from the State of Pennsylvania.

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View in Spanish


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