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  • United States Catholic Catechism for AdultsProfess Your Faith (Explore the treasures of our Catholic faith)
  • Celebrate Your Faith (Deepen your understanding of the Sacraments)
  • Live Your Faith (Learn how to live as a disciple and how to disciple others)
  • Pray Your Faith (Grow in your spiritual life through this formation)

Foundational Catechetical Certification
seeks to engage the whole community in the ongoing formation of their Catholic faith as disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to attain a basic standard of knowledge of Christ and of Church teachings in order to live that faith fully and to share it with others.

Important Update on Foundational Catechetical Certification:

On November 29th, 2021 our Foundational Catechetical Certification (FCC) transitioned from Schoology to Franciscan At Home. This migration means a significant upgrade to our FCC content and the way that it is delivered and experienced online. Thanks to a generous grant from the Catholic Foundation, there is no cost to our parishes or Catholic schools. The diocesan policies and requirements for FCC will remain the same. Click here to see the updated policy. To learn more about FCC on Franciscan At Home please click here.

If you have already successfully completed some FCC courses on Schoology but have not completed your certification yet, there is a specialized track for you on our Franciscan At Home landing page, called, "Foundational Catechetical Certification for Participants already enrolled in FCC through Schoology". You would only need to complete the workshops under the FCC Schoology course titles that you still need in order to complete your certification. Once you complete all of the required workshops under each course that you still need, please click here to contact Sheila Re so that we can make sure that you receive credit for it. For those still needing to complete FCC Bible (this was not available through Schoology), that course is only available through FCC on Franciscan At Home and can be found in the track titled, "Foundational Catechetical Certification for Participants already enrolled in FCC through Schoology". If you have any questions please click here to contact Sheila Re.

If you need ongoing formation options, there is a track for that on our Franciscan At Home landing page. These workshops are highly recommended for ongoing formation, but all the workshops available on Franciscan At Home are approved for ongoing formation.

Diocese of Green Bay FCC Policies & Resources

Foundational Catechetical Certification | Ongoing Formation

After receiving Foundational Catechetical Certification, additional annual, approved, ongoing-formation coursework is required.

All Franciscan At Home Workshops are pre-approved.  If you have an idea for ongoing formation and would like it to be considered for approval, please click here to send Kately Javier a message.

Ongoing Formation Completion Form

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