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Nathan BuddeParish: St. Mary Parish, Ledgeview
Birth Date: March 6
Seminary: Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary
Seminary Address:
700 Terrace Heights #1225 Winona, MN 55987-1399

College II

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Intercessor: St. Padre Pio, because he has been a priestly influence on my life since I read a biography of his life in middle school. He is the inspiration for my confirmation name, Pius.

What is your baptismal day and in which church?
I was baptized at St. Mary Catholic Church in Ledgeview on April 30, 2000

What is your favorite devotional and why?
Adoration is one of my favorite devotionals. Throughout my discernment, it has been a powerful avenue for me to experience the peace of Christ. I like how adoration is so dynamic. It can encompass a wide variety of prayers and other devotions including silent personal prayer, the reading of Scripture, praise and worship music, and communal prayer. In Mark 3:14, Jesus calls his apostles to first be with him, and it is through adoration that I can gaze upon our Lord and simply be with him.

What was one misconception you had about seminary and how did that change?
Coming into seminary, I expected that a majority of my daily schedule would be set by the seminary. I have found that there are a lot of rules and responsibilities for seminarians and there are some mandatory communal activities each day. However, I was surprised to find that the majority of each day is open time that I can schedule as I choose. While I will be using most of this time for studying and prayer, I am pleased to find that every hour of my day is not planned out for me.

What would your life be like without a cellphone?
I think my life without a cellphone would be quieter and simpler. My formators often talk about identifying “time suckers” that can prevent us from managing our time well, and my cellphone can definitely be one for me. Just in my first few weeks, I have noticed that by using my cellphone as a “landline” (leaving it in my dorm room during the day), it has been much easier for me to focus on my studies, prayer, and on building relationships with those around me. The biggest downside I can see to not having a cellphone at all is that it would be more difficult for me to stay in touch with friends and family, though certainly not impossible.

What is the funniest thing that happened to you in formation thus far?
On one of my first days here at IHM, I was on my way to my room from the chapel after morning prayer and Mass to put away my breviary. I live on the fourth floor across from the far set of bathrooms. So, I walked up the staircase, turned left and walked down the hall of identical-looking dorm rooms until I reached the one across from the bathroom and, without looking at the name tag, opened the door. It did not look like my room at all! I realized immediately that I had accidentally gotten off the stairs on the third floor which looks identical to the fourth. Luckily, no one was in the room, and I was saved from total embarrassment!

Who or what was the greatest influence in your discernment of the priesthood?
Fr. Daniel Schuster was one of the people who influenced my discernment the greatest. Since middle school, he played an important part in keeping me open to the priesthood by inviting me to events, encouraging me to altar serve, and giving spiritual counsel.

What does it mean to be a missionary disciple?
Missionary discipleship is the universal call for everyone in the church to follow Jesus and share the Gospel with those around them. As disciples, they are to study and follow the teachings of Jesus and develop a personal relationship with him through prayer, worship, and service. As missionaries, they are to strive to bring others into discipleship with Jesus, whether it be those in their own families and parishes or people in the broader community.